Multichain Loses $122M in Major Security Breach, Operations Halted

• Multichain experienced a major security breach resulting in an approximate $122 million loss.
• Withdrawals were observed from the platform’s Fantom bridge on the Ethereum side and Dogechain bridge, raising suspicions of exploit.
• The crypto community and blockchain analysts have urged Multichain to investigate the matter.

Major Security Breach at Multichain

Multichain was recently hit by a major security breach resulting in an approximate $122 million loss. The withdrawals were observed from the platform’s Fantom bridge on the Ethereum side, as well as its Dogechain bridge, raising suspicions of an exploit involving millions of dollars.

Withdrawal Details

The withdrawals from the Fantom bridge’s Ethereum smart contract consisted of 7,214 Wrapped Ether (WETH) tokens with an approximate value of $13.6 million, 1,024 Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) worth around $31 million, and $58 million worth of US Dollar Coin (USDC). From the Dogechain bridge’s Ethereum contract, there was a withdrawal amounting to $666,000 which accounted for over 86% of its total deposits. On the other hand, with respect to Multichain’s Moonriver bridge contracts there was a withdrawal totaling approximately $5,872,661 leaving only approximately $700,000 left on the platform.

Community Response & Investigation

The unusual outflows triggered speculation among investigators and observers in the blockchain industry leading to concerns regarding potential exploits or hacks. Notably Peckshield Inc., a renowned blockchain security firm shared details about these transactions on Twitter urging Multichain to investigate further. Additionally Colin Wu cited data from deExplorer pointing out that users had been utilizing DLN Trade to exchange assets between different chains at reduced rates offering up to 10% discounts in some cases.

Multichain’s Commitment To Investigate Abnormal Transactions

In response to these reports Multichain has committed itself to thoroughly investigating abnormal transactions and ensuring that their customers‘ funds remain secure while also helping identify any malicious actors involved in this attack if applicable. In addition they have taken steps towards enhancing their internal processes so as to ensure that similar attacks are prevented in future given their wide variety of services across multiple blockchains making them vulnerable targets for attackers .


This incident serves as yet another reminder that despite advances in technology and security measures hackers will always find ways around existing systems emphasizing importance for organizations such as Multichain taking proactive steps towards safeguarding their platforms against cyber threats both present and future ones .