Outsource Data Management To Leverage Your Business – Get Expert Support Now!

• Outsourcing IT activities can help SMEs remain competitive and secure their data.
• Integrated Group offers tailored data management services to businesses of all sizes.
• By outsourcing certain processes, businesses benefit from time and cost savings, as well as more flexibility to focus on core operations.

Benefits of Outsourcing Data Management

Outsourcing IT activities can help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) remain competitive and secure their data in a dynamic and efficient environment. Entrusting the maintenance of the computer system to an external company makes it possible to concentrate administrative and human resources on activities that generate added value.

Data Management Services Offered by Integrated Group

Integrated Group offers tailor-made management services adapted to the needs of each entity. Concerning the management of computer equipment, the company’s certified technicians offer know-how and expertise for inventory function of hardware and software elements, but also those concerning monitoring over time. This management will allow a global administration in the long term while offering better cost visibility for users.

Time & Cost Savings Made Possible by Outsourcing

By outsourcing certain processes, your business can benefit from considerable time savings, more flexibility, and reduced costs related to upkeep and maintenance. Contracts are invoiced according to the size of the structure which gives customers a considerable reduction in fixed costs compared with calling on an IT specialist without providing a guarantee of quality service.

Focus on Core Business Operations

By entrusting some or all tasks to an external provider businesses are able to focus more on their core business operations rather than having to plan a separate budget for recruitment, purchase investigation tools, employee salaries etc..