Win GOLD From US Gold Mine in Zuck Zuck Land Giveaway Campaign!


• Zuck Zuck Land, a reward-generating Metaverse project mapped to an US gold mine, is launching a giveaway campaign.
• Participants can enter by creating an account on the campaign site and following/retweeting the project’s Twitter account.
• Winners will receive a Zucker Mole NFT which entitles them to earn rewards from the Gold Mine, including „GOLD“.

Zuck Zuck Land Announces Giveaway Campaign in Gold

Zuck Zuck Land, the first reward-generating Metaverse project mapped to a Gold Mine in the USA, is excited to announce a campaign that includes a giveaway of gold. The campaign aims to recruit 100 lucky participants who will receive a Zucker Mole NFT that entitles them to get „GOLD“ from the US gold mine.

How To Enter The Zuck Zuck Land Giveaway Campaign?

To enter the campaign, participants should go to the campaign site and create an account. Then you need to follow Zuck Zuck Land’s Twitter account and retweet one of the pinned project posts. The Quests3 application will track and verify completed missions. The campaign will run from March 31, 2023, to April 29, 2023, and 1 account will equal 1 entry. The announcement and drawing of the winners will take place on May 1, 2023.

Types Of NFTs: Mole NFTs And Land NFTs

The Zucker Mole NFT grant access to the Zucker Mole Club, where NFT holders get together, do quests and participate in giveaways for gold and rewards from various projects at multiple occasions. Meanwhile land NFTs represent virtual ownership of the Gold Mine with five different levels of rarity offering rewards ranging from 150% to 250% over four years.

Zucker Mole Club & Gold Mine In The USA

Zucker Mole club is a DAO-type community-driven club where giveaways take place for gold as well as other rewards from projects associated with it. Owning rare land NFT gives benefits such as special boosts; owning more NFTs means more attractive opportunities for players in this virtual world .The Virtualized Gold Mine is originally located in Central Idaho which has been famous for its wealth production.


This first giveaway campaign by Zuck Zuk Land offers great opportunities for participants who are lucky enough to be chosen as winners – they’ll have access not only to GOLD but also rewards on multiple occasions through their involvement in this virtual world!